Strategic Consultancy

We undertake strategic exercises to review existing systems and operations of healthcare institutions with the objective of enhancing their performance. We evaluate and formulate plans to enhance the performance of healthcare institutions and improve returns for all stakeholders. The key parameters of review are but not limited to:c2

  1. Addressable market
  2. Competition
  3. Revenue and cost model
  4. Clinical services
  5. Human resources
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Medical equipment

The Hospital Performance Enhancement programs benefit from our rich experience in the entire healthcare value chain. Some of the initiatives that we work on include,

  1. Clinical program improvement
  2. Revenue cycle management
  3. Revenue and cost model
  4. Procurement management
  5. Laboratory management
  6. Radiology and imaging management
  7. Nursing education
  8. Medical program design
  9. Clinical program management