Equipment Maintenance

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Imagemed5 offers 24/7 engineering support to the healthcare industry. We provide full service range of contracts on X-Ray Units, X-Ray Processing Equipment, Computed Radiography (CR), Digital Radiography (DR), Laser Imagers (Printers) and Image management (PACS/ RIS).

Imagemed5 listens to the customer; we understand your business needs and work hand-in-hand to design a bespoke service solution that fits your requirements.

We typically appoint an account manager to be your single point of contact with Imagemed5 for all contract and commercial activity; their job is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Preventative maintenance programs are developed in conjunction with equipment manufacturers to maximize the efficiency and reliability of machines. Tasks carried out during Preventative Maintenance visits include the replacement of agreed parts, software configuration, fault history diagnosis and the complete clean and test of the whole machine, to ensure continued reliability and longevity of your asset.

Preventative maintenance programs have been refined through years of experience and are designed to improve machine up-time by preventing breakdown.

Corrective Maintenance (CM)repair2

Imagemed5 responds to major failures and typically will repair the faults within 4 hours of receiving the call (actual duration may be dependent on contract cover and equipment supported). We recognize the need to be flexible and endeavor to tailor service agreements to meet specific client requirements.

With a highly skilled, remote engineering team  – located throughout Pakistan, our engineers are always ‘just around the corner’; as our engineers work across a multitude of different equipment our workforce stays local, allowing them to deliver the fastest response times across all the industries in which we operate.
Our engineering team is trained by the equipment manufacturer’s own technical teams, ensuring the correct knowledge for support of equipment.

In summary, Imagemed5 will provide a fully-trained engineer, with the correct tools and spare parts, ensuring you receive the service excellence that you require, in support of your business.