Digital Upgrades

14A relatively small investment in upgrading your system can significantly increase the patient throughput, thus improving your efficiency.

Upgrades improve speed, which in itself results in a more productive use of staffing resources. The use of digital technology, rather than conventional radiography, also increases accuracy - reducing the chance of human error.
It’s easy to understand why radiographers have welcomed the digital revolution. New products improve patient data and work in common with the entire system.

We have the ability to offer imaging upgrades.

Using established specialists in this area we have a complete array of products enabling you to upgrade your room into the latest full digital X-ray imaging facility. We can offer capture, storage, and connectivity for numerous clinical applications.

Our upgrade path is suitable for all equipment where the imaging chain needs replacing, whether it’s due to age, or simply the fact that technology has moved on and your equipment has become outdated.
All systems are DICOM 3.0 compatible, providing a flexible solution as the healthcare industry continues to move towards a filmless environment.

As long as the room is still functional we can supply digital imaging upgrades for a tenth of the price of a new room.