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Resting/Stress test ECG

Custo Cardio 100

Custo Cardio 100 is a 12-channel PC ECG with integrated wires, USB port and electrode clips. The device is defibrillation-protected and ensures reliable pacemaker detection. The flexibility of the ECG module allows ECG recording and display at anytime and anywhere, no matter if you are working on a PC, notebook or tablet. In line with this system, we offer the custo sensive adhesive electrodes for optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.


Resting/Stress test ECG

Custo Cardio 100

Just like custo cardio 100 but with standard banana plugs for all standard electrodes.


Resting/Stress test ECG

Custo Cardio 130

Just like custo cardio 100 but with standard port for using external patient cables or suction units.


Resting/Stress test ECG

Custo Cardio 100 / 110 BT

Just like custo cardio 100/110 but additionally with rechargeable battery and Medical BlueTooth for wireless ECG transmission.
This system provides advantages particularly with regard to treadmill stress tests because the ECG module and the patient are treated as a unit. There is no disturbing connection cable to the PC.


Resting/Stress test ECG

Custo Cardio 200

Custo Cardio 200 is a resting/stress test ECG and a suction unit all in one. This technological innovation sets standards in functionality, operability and quality of data transfer. custo cardio 200 is the only suction unit that has passed a clinical hygiene test. After intensive, comparative test series custo cardio 200 has been awarded the hygiene certificate of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene, as the only product.


Stress test ECG measuring station- custo touch


Stress test ECG measuring station- custo ec3000


Stress test ECG measuring station- custo er2100


CPET measuring station- custo mc3000


Pulmonary Function - Custo spiro mobile

The pulmonary function module allows precise measurements in just one breathing manoeuvre, even if home visits are made. custo spiro protect – the gold standard in bacterial and viral filters – gives your patients maximum protection against infection. It is not necessary to disinfect the measuring head in a time-consuming procedure and product lifetime is significantly increased.


Pulmonary Function - custo spiro air

The new wireless pulmonary function device comes with integrated inclination sensor for control and automatic documentation of upright posture during measurement. The integrated weather station automatically transmits environmental data to the software.


Pulmonary Function - custo vit m R

In addition to spirometry, this established pulmonary function module with oscillometric resistance measurement supplies measured values independent of the patient’s cooperation. This system is particularly suited for patients with extreme obstructions, for children and old people.


Holter ECG - custo flash 501

custo flash 501 is the Holter ECG recorder for facility sharing and evaluation centres. With three ECG channels and short, integrated ECG wires for artifact-free 24 hours of ECG recording. The slim design of the recorder and the use of only three adhesive electrodes per recording session are features that provide high wearing comfort and favourable operating costs. In line with this system, the custo sensive adhesive electrodes ensure optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.


Holter ECG - custo flash 500 / 501

custo flash 500 is the flagship holter ECG recorder with three channels, short integrated ECG wires and continuous ECG recording up to seven days. The slim design of the recorder and the use of only three adhesive electrodes per recording session are features that ensure high wearing comfort and favorable operating costs. In line with this, the custo sensive adhesive electrodes provide optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.


Holter ECG - custo cor 12

With its 12 leads and an integrated O-LED display, custo cor is the recorder for special tasks and requirements. The recording time is 24 hours. The mini SD card provides fast and comfortable data transfer. In line with this, the custo sensive adhesive electrodes ensure optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) - custo screen 300

Measurement accuracy and reliability are the essential features of custo screen 300. The measuring technology developed for this system provides considerably higher artifact suppression than comparable systems. The automatic day and night recognition, the short inflating and deflating times and the low-noise operation of the recorder ensure high patient comfort. The easy-to-clean cuffs are available in sizes S – XXL.


Holter ECG + ABPM - custo holter ABPM

The simultaneous recording of holter ECG and ABPM extends the diagnostic possibilities. The custo holter ABPM system uses the most advanced technology in the field of simultaneous recording of holter ECG and ABPM. The system provides high wearing comfort without any holter ECG cables which are disturbing or subject to failure. The custo holter ABPM also excels in terms of efficiency because the system works without adhesive electrodes and ECG wires.


Cardiorespiratory Polysomnography - custo night 310

The characteristic features of custo night 310 are its compact and ergonomic design, its easy handling by lack of function keys as well as a high wearing comfort. A complete apnea diagnosis (basic diagnosis) is possible with the application of only a few necessary sensors. Furthermore, the recorder is prepared for the modular connection of other sensors.




Extra-Oral Dental Units


Raffaello is the new Panoramic dental X-ray with a functional, innovative and ergonomic design to ensure the best efficiency.

It is a complete digital system, which combines innovative technological solutions to facilitate the work of the operator and patient comfort.

Raffaello has been created with modern, exclusive and unique technology to obtain always the maximum performance under any examination conditions and to guarantee a high image quality. The patient positioning, support and centering devices are accurate, practical and reliable. It means safety for the operator and a benchmark for the patient comfort. An accurate centering of the patient is guaranteed by 3 reference laser beams: mid-sagittal plane, Frankfurt plane and the canine position (ellipse centring). A high frequency inverter permits the optimum control of radiological parameters both with manual and automatic technique. The stand movement is motorized with progressive speed. A large touch-screen with friendly design enables the correct and easy setting of examination parameters.

Wide range of available, basic programs:

a. Adult and child panoramic dental X-ray

b. TMJ 

c. Cephalometry

d. Nasal and paranasal sinuses

e. Emipanoramic program

The images are acquired with digital technology both in cephalometric and panoramic dental examinations.



Intra-Oral Dental Units


x 70 ac

Ergon-X AC delivers maximum exposition accuracy, making a perfect match with digital image acquisition systems. ERGON-X 70 AC is a complete intraoral X-ray system with enhanced qualities in terms of ergonomics, safety and protection for both operator and patient. ERGON-X 70 AC features a modern and ergonomic design. All parts are easily accessible and the glossy finishing in ABS assures easy and safe cleaning. Highest hygiene and safe and easy cleaning of all the components can be achieved effortlessly. Providing a lot of additional features…

Besides integrating the best technical features of the most advanced endoral systems, ERGON-X 70 AC is also equipped with further special tools:

a. Goniometer: an effective, anatomical and intuitive goniometer allowing accurate positioning of the system to achieve optimized results.

b. Anatomy programs: the anatomy mode adds up to the manual parameter configuration to provide perfect image quality with different kinds of patients and anatomy.



The hand-held digital imaging system!tred

The TRED system is the most advanced technologic solution in the digital intraoral imaging field.

A dedicated program, developed by ViVi and called VisualVi, is the ideal completion for TRED. Top quality image processing (including recursive filters, zoom, linear and angular measurements), organized database and Dicom management (print, store, media, worklist, etc) are the main functions. 

TRED integrates all hardware and software components needed to acquire, manage, edit and store digital intraoral images. Thanks to this feature combination, no PC will be required in the examination room. TRED can also be used together with several X-ray devices – without any connection problems.

All the above features are integrated in a small-sized system whose dimensions make it heldable in one hand only.

TRED comprises:

a. High resolution endoral sensor (formats: std 20x30, opt 24x34)

b. Acquiring and editing unit, equipped with a 4.3” touch screen

c. Windows CE integrated user interface

d. Mass storage devices



Dental X-Ray Film Processors


The unbeatable classic in x-ray film development


The GIRARDELLI X-24 immersion x-ray processor fulfils all present requirements of a modern and efficient developing automat:

a. Automatic programme control

b. Electronical bath heating

c. Automatic film drying  film drying, water rinsing, for intra-oral and extra-oral (panoramic) films.

d. Run-through time: approx. 7 min.



The GIRARDELLI X-3D immersion x-ray processor with integrated daylight attachment fulfils all present requirements of a modern and efficient developing automat:

a. Integrated daylight attachment

b. Auto-activator

c. Electronical bath heating

d. Automatic film drying for intra-oral films

e. Run-through time: approx. 7 min.



Kodak 2000RT CR System

The Kodak 2000RT CR System acquires portal localization, verification, and simulation images using computed radiography (CR).

This proven technology provides the high-quality therapy images you expect from Kodak. Incredibly simple to use, the system integrates, via DICOM RT, with Oncology specific systems.

Easy installation requires only tabletop space, a power cord and network connection.  Other benefits of this system include:

a. System can be placed outside the treatment room. Eliminating trips to the darkroom means more time for therapists to spend with patients. 

b. Supports multiple treatment rooms and simulators at a fraction of the cost of one electronic portal imaging device. 

c. System can be used with virtually any linear accelerator, Cobalt device, or Simulator, regardless of manufacturer or age - without costly treatment machine retrofitting or downtime. 

d. System acquires images up to 14 x 17 inches (35 x 43cm) - a larger field size than the smaller, fixed size of most electronic portal imagers.

e. Includes image management software to enable viewing and annotating on the physicians PC,  as well as an archiving solution featuring a combination CD/DVD writer and the ability to print to DICOM or Windows printers.





Carestream Industrex HPX-1 Digital SystemINDUSTREX-HPX-1

The future of NDT has arrived!

Built from the ground up to meet the varied and specific needs of rigorous non-destructive testing applications, only the HPX-1 has the capability to handle long plates, short plates, rigid cassettes and flexible plates—all in a single system.

With industry leading image resolution: the HPX-1 delivers weld-quality images, consistently and dependably, as well as full dynamic range and sensitivity for all other applications.


CARESTREAM INDUSTREX v4.1 Digital Viewing Softwaresfw

Work Smarter with the new NDT Industrex v4.0 Viewing Software.

Work smarter with the new Industrex v4.1 Viewing Software. New EDGE automatic image processing filters improve workflow allowing users enhanced image views with the click of a button. Easily view density ranges for image details in light or dark areas. New Pipe Wall Thickness Tool and Object Measurement Reticle make measuring a snap. Enlarge areas of interest or colorize images for additional analysis capability. Maximize image management with quick image retrieval and traceability of altered images while the original remains intact. For use with the INDUSTREX HPX-1 Digital System.


HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool

Helping you work better

The HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool reduces your risk on any project by eliminating the guesswork surrounding system calibration. The Diagnostic Tool is simple to use, reducing the traditionally complex task of checking system calibration down to only a few minutes and the click of a button.phantom

- No more guessing whether your system is operating properly before evaluating images.

- All system parameters checked are reported on and documented for proof that when you worked a specific job your system was in proper calibration.


HPX-1 Digital Plate Carrier

Enhance your HPX-1 experience

The HPX-1 Digital Plate Carrier offers a new way to scan small or irregular shaped imaging plates using your HPX-1 Digital System. Its easy-to-use design will have you up and running in minutes. No matter what the shape (as small as 1”x1”), the carrier will deliver.HPX-1-Digital-Plate-Carrier p

- Combine multiple plates into one scan and improve your overall throughput.

- Comes complete with a protective case and simple instructions for use.



Carestream Industrex Flex GP, HR and XL Blue Digital Imaging Plates

 Carestream INDUSTREX Digital Imaging Plates are a natural fit for computed radiography in NDT applications. Our digital imaging plates offer the flexibility of film without the need for wet processing, allowing you to capture and read images quickly and easily, both in the field and in the lab.


- Optimize captured images if needed and store or share them digitally.

- XL Blue digital imaging plate features approximately 35% higher resolution* than our Flex HR plate.