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i5 has recently acquired a software house (the then SoftAce) to facilitate the in-house development of their Web as well as Mobile based Software solutions.

The i5 management has decided to take the company to a next-level of Service Provision to our respectable Clients. Being the most well-renowned vendors of the HMIS across South Asia, now the company is in perfect shape to facilitate it's customers with Tailor-made softwares to meet their day to day demands; on both Web and Mobile platforms.


Software Development Process

i5 Software Development Experts cater to the needs of their clients efficiently and effectively by providing them with services based on an enormous intelligence and wide-ranging technical expertise. What makes us unique is our wide range of services from Web Personalized Merchandizing to specialized skill sets in iPhone, Android , Java, Joomla, Graphic Designing etc.SD Process

We prides ourselves in being the first-of-its-kind all-under-one-roof company that caters to not only your internet and mobile related needs but even the out-of-the-box technology related needs hence making it simpler for you to adapt to the changes in this technological era.

The application (web and mobile) development process starts with detailed meetings and thorough discussions wih the client, which eventually result in detailed analysis and grasping of the main objective of the application and the benefits that it is going to provide the end users. Once the project understanding concludes, the creative brushes are on the pallet and the application is designed. The User Interface is refined till the customer is fully satisfied. On design finalization, the coding (development) phase commences. The application is assured for Quality concerns and once internally approved, the application is implemented in the real-world enviornment.

Our clients are able to make better decisions, faster, with interactive and dynamic views configured to help their businesses belonging to various domains use the power of technology to write their own growth story.

Our service brings to the top-notch results as we believe in creating each project as a project of our own.


Software Development Skill-Set

The team holds profound development efficiency in the following domains:Software-Development-skills

  • Mobile Development
    • iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
    • Android (SmartPhones and Tablets)
    • Windows Phone
  • Web Based Development
    • AJAX
    • ASP.NET
    • C / C++ / C# / Objective-C
    • CSS
    • Java / Java-EE / Java Script / J2SE / J2EE / JavaScript
    • PHP
    • TCL (Hardware Programming)
    • Visual Basic
  • Hospital Automation and Management Tool
    • HL 7
    • IHE compliance
    • HIPAA compliance
    Game Development
    • Open GL
    • Spring RTS Game Engine
    • Unity 3Dfurioucity
  • Database
    • MS Sql
    • MySql
    • Oracle
    • SQLite
  • Content Management System
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
  • Multi-media Canvas
    • Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Coral Drawdev
    • Coral Paint
    • Video Creating and Editing
  • Tool and Techniques
    • XCode
    • NetBeans
    • Eclipse
    • MyEclipse
    • MS Visual Studio
    • Adobe Photoshop CS-5
    • Adobe Dreamweaver CS-5 / NS-2 / NS-3


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