Refurbished / Used Equipment


DV 8100 Laser Imager

Kodak  DryView 8100 Laser Imager provides outstanding low- to mid-volume performance in a value-priced solution. The Kodak DryView 8100 laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output. This value-priced low- to mid-volume imager delivers all the benefits of DryView technologyƒincluding diagnostic image quality, film-to-film consistency, and steadfast reliabilityƒwithout the cost of unneeded extra capacity. The Kodak DryView 8100 is ideal for CT, MRI, DSA, and other 14 x 17-in. applications.8100

The right combination of speed and image quality

- Up to 55 films per hour for reliable low- to mid-volume productivity

- 78-micron laser spot spacing, 325-dpi resolution

- Continuous-tone images with up to 4,096 gray levels

- Consistent resolution from application to application



DV 8150 Laser Imager

The Kodak DryView 8150 Laser Imager provides outstanding image quality, film-to-film consistency, and steadfast reliability - all in an affordable package. Designed for siting flexibility and ease of use, this laser imager is ideal for CT, MRI, CR, DR, and grayscale imaging applications. The benefits of DryView just keep getting better and better! 


- Superb images

- Print superb images with Kodak DryView laser imaging film - specially formulated for Kodak DryView laser imagers.

- Image information is more easily discerned with this film's minimized noise and consistent density uniformity.

- Simplify purchasing and inventory control, and eliminate the risk of loading incorrect film, by using the same film for all DryView laser imagers.



DV 8500 Laser Imager


When radiologists need high-volume, diagnosticquality images for 11 x 14-in. applications, they choose the Kodak DryView™ 8500 laser imager. It delivers all the advantages of the Kodak DryView 8700—the most popular dry laser imager in the world—in an 11 x 14-in. format. Like the DryView 8700, the DryView 8500 regularly receives nearperfect customer satisfaction ratings. And like all DryView systems, it is a true dry laser imager. The laser diode never touches the film and never wears out—so you can expect steadfast reliability. The DryView 8500 suits CR and other 11 x 14-in. applications, as well as radiology departments that require reduced film size.

- High-throughput 11 x 14-in. solution 
- For departments that require reduced film size 
- CR and other 11 x 14-in. applications 
- Up to 120 films an hour



DV 8700 Laser Imager8700

Radiologists and other health imaging professionals prefer the Kodak DryView 8700 laser imager. It is by far the best-selling laser imager in the world, and it consistently earns nearly perfect ratings in independent studies of customer satisfaction. Now in its fourth generation, the Kodak DryView 8700 continues to deliver the exceptional speed and diagnostic image quality that radiologists demand. Plus, the DryView 8700 is a true dry laser imager. The laser diode never touches the film, and it never wears out—so you can count on steadfast reliability and consistency. The DryView 8700 is ideal for CT, MRI, DSA, and other high-volume 14 x 17-in. applications.

Unprecedented speed and image quality

- Up to 120 films per hour for maximum productivity

- 78-micron laser spot spacing, 325-dpi resolution

- Continuous-tone images with up to 4,096 gray levels

- Consistent resolution from application to application

- 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 9:1, 12:1, 15:1, 16:1, 20:1 formats

- Accommodates 20:1 format without compression

PACS Link connectivity

- PACS Link interface allows your facility to establish basic network printing and take an affordable first step toward PACS

- Converts image data from legacy modalities to DICOM, and receives DICOM image data over a network

- Sends image data over a network for softcopy

- Viewing and archiving



DV 8900 Laser Imager

Never before has a high-throughput dry imager printed every image at 650 dpi on every film size, every time, with no throughput compromises.


- Quick and agile, the high—resolution Kodak DryView 8900 Laser Imager delivers outstanding image quality and throughput.

- Throughput is amazing at up to 200 films per hour each at 650 dpi.

- Unit features 3 drawers which accommodates various film sizes.

Enhanced Options — Configurable and Upgradeable Design an 8900 right for you

- Choose one, two, or three film drawers, with an optional six-bin film sorter with a choice of a mammography upgrade

- Print high quality mammography images up to 3.6 D-max and over 200 films per hour

- Mammography quality assurance test pattern meets stringent U.S. Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requirements

- Energy—save mode is built-in for use during periods of inactivity, use on-demand wake up for after—hours imaging, and preset wake-up time to meet your needs.

Superb image quality

- 650—dpi on every image, every film size , every time without throughput compromise

- Low image noise floor low—contrast objects are easier visualize

- Superior grayscale renders more detail

- 16,384 possible levels of gray (14—bit pixel depth architecture)

- Largest printable pixel matrix on the market at 9,100 X 11,037

- Print multi format CR and DR images without compression or loss of data



DV 6800 Laser Imager6800

Get high performance and superb image quality for diagnosis, image sharing, and film archiving. Mammography printing capability included.

- Print from a full range of modalities including CR, DR and digital mammography—at up to 200 films per hour

- Utilize on-demand printing with three film drawers / five film sizes

- Add an optional five-bin sorter for easier retrieval of films by modality



DV 5800 Laser Imager5800

The Carestream DryView 5800 Laser Imager continues the remarkable value and image-quality legacy of DryView Laser Imaging Systems. This affordable tabletop unit prints laser-sharp images with the same true-laser technology used in our current portfolio of DRYVIEW Laser Imagers. Delivering up to 75 large-format films per hour.




CR 500

a. A tabletop computed radiography system500

b. Complete system – consists of all components necessary to extract images from projection X-ray based systems for diagnosis.

c. Efficient and productive

–offers throughput of 45+ screens per hour

–Same DirectView CR software used on Kodak premium CRs

d. Provides the means to capture, process, and distribute digital projection X-ray images

–network-based distributed printing and image storage/archiving

–DICOM compliant

–Ability to integrate with other information system components, such as HIS/RIS systems

–remote image transmission/diagnosis

–image processing enhancement for improved diagnosis




CR 800800

A streamlined CR unit that eliminates the need for additional workstations and reduces floor space requirements and start-up costs. This reliable system makes it easy to integrate computed radiography into your workflow and is ideal for introducing soft-copy review or integrating into PACS.

a. Storage phosphor reader, patient/ cassette/exam ID, QA workstation, and image processing all in one
b. Process 65-70 cassettes per hour (based on mixed cassette sizes)
b. Ability to QA a fully processed image at the CR 800 in less than 60 seconds (after cassette insertion)
c. Image available for QA review at the optional Kodak DirectView remote operations panel in less than 70 seconds
d. Rigid phosphor screen and unique design of CR system enhance screen life
e. Small footprint—only 25 x 29 inches




CR 850850

A fast Single-cassette integrated CR System, which includes, Storage Phosphor Reader, patient/exam/cassette ID, Image Review Monitor, and Image processing. A small footprint of less than 5 square meters, which makes for easy placement wherever needed to maximize productivity and image access. Installation should require only a power outlet and network connection.

Throughput should be over 100 cassettes/hour and Cassette is ready to reuse in less than 40 seconds.

System should be capable of forwarding images directly to a diagnostic workstation, image archive, and laser imager without review, if desired.

Print the first image on a laser film in less than 90 seconds

The system should be capable of supporting multiple users with optional remote operations panels, which can reprocess images if needed during review. The wall-mounted panels should allow radiographers to perform most system functions away from the main unit. A single CR system should be able to network up to ten remote operations panels or network one remote operations panel to as many as eight CR systems.

The CR System hard disk should be capable of storing approximately 2,000 images on-line for rapid recall.

Kodak DICOM storage class user software is provided for easy integration with PACS.

Image preparation entry features should include a configurable text box, true-size printing with any Deco laser imager, and automatic detection and suppression of grid-line artifacts.

The CR system should be capable to capture long-bone computed radiography (CR) images. The accessory should provide fully automatic stitching software that delivers images up to 17 inches wide by 51 inches long (43 x 129 cm).

The CR system should  process the following cassette sizes and applications:

- CR cassette / with GP rigid screen 35 x 43 cm, 35 x 35 cm, 24 x 30 cm, and 18 x 24 cm

- OPG cassette 15x30cm

- CR cassette / with HR rigid screen 18 x 24cm and 24 x 30cm

- The CR system should produce high-resolution mammography scans with a 50-micron pixel pitch and capable of handling 18 x 24cm and 24 x 30cm sizes cassettes




CR 950


Maximize the productivity of centralized computed radiography with the fast, reliable KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR 950 System.

This advanced multiple-cassette system provides centralized cassette processing with decentralized control and workflow.

- Process up to 86 cassettes an hour.
- Handle up to 8 exposed and 8 erased cassettes at a time.
- Cassette is ready to reuse in less than 47 seconds.
- Review an image in as little as 30 seconds at a Kodak DirectView remote operations panel.
- Forward images directly to multiple network destinations (laser imager, diagnostic workstation, or archive)
without radiographer intervention if desired.
- Print the first image on film in just 147 seconds using a Kodak DryView 8700 laser imager.




CR 975975

Maximize throughput, productivity, and patient satisfaction with the KODAK

DIRECTVIEW CR 975 System. A nex tgeneration workflow leader, this system has been developed in direct response to customer feedback and evolving technology. The CR 975 System provides “drop-and-go”
cassette processing that reduces radiographer queuing and waiting at the reader. Processed images can be sent automatically to pre-selected destinations without manual intervention.

- Process up to 101 cassettes an hour.
- Handle 16 cassettes at one time: up to 8 queued for processing, and 8 erased and ready for new imaging studies.
- Cassette is ready to reuse in 40 seconds.
- Review an image in 34 seconds at a Kodak DirectView remote operations panel.
- “Drop-and go” workflow virtually eliminates radiographer queuing at the reader and allows you to forward images directly to multiple network destinations (laser imager, diagnostic workstation, or archive) without radiographer intervention.
- Print the first image on film in 135 seconds using a Kodak DryView 8900 laser imager.





DR 35003500

The KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR 3500 System is a high-performance, fully motorized, multipurpose DR system designed for hospitals, satellite facilities,

imaging centers, and orthopaedic clinics. Its versatile “3-in-1” room design is capable of handling a variety
of image capture options including:
Upright—chest, wheelchair chest, lateral cervical spine, standing knee.
Table—horizontal (including cross-table) projections of supine patients.
Angled—submentovertex (SMV) skull, PA (15°)
Caldwell skull, superoinferior axial nasal bones, and more.

This fully motorized, versatile single-detector system delivers the productivity of digital radiography in an easyto- use, space-saving floor-mounted system. The arm maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and the detector for easy and fast patient positioning. Additionally, the DR 3500 System uses the same flatpanel digital image capture technology and sophisticated Carestream Health image processing software provided with all KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR Systems to help ensure the same outstanding image quality customers have come to expect from Carestream Health.




DR 51005100

The Kodak DirectView DR 5100 system brings the advantages of digital radiography to chest and other upright examinations. Kodak’s direct digital technology and proprietary image processing provide DR images of outstanding quality. Designed for high-volume imaging, this versatile system can be used with ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients—from tall adults to small children.

The DR 5100 system consists of four major components:
- Kodak DirectView DR system operator console
- Digital image capture device
- Chest and x-ray tube stands
- X-ray generator and controller




DR 75007500

This versatile digital radiography system uses modular components that you can configure to fit your space, procedures, workflow, and budget. It can be scaled to meet growing or changing requirements for medical facilities of any size.

Components include:

- Wall stand with extending tilt and swing Bucky/detector
- Fixed elevating table with Bucky/detector
- Overhead tube suspension
- Integrated system operator console
- X-ray generator (80 kW) and timing and distribution unit